What is Personalised Gifts

Ordinary gifts like greeting cards, teddy bear or flowers are becoming very stale as people do not find any of them interesting. These are so impersonal and make the receiver feels like you didn’t put any effort. This is where personalised gifts comes into play and gaining popularity.

People appreciate a gift if it’s somehow connected to their personality. A mug is more attractive to you if it has personal message or character that you like printed on it. Other options are button badges that can be printed with faces of people or tags that will be chosen by the buyer, jigsaw puzzle that can have memorable photos.

In today’s world, each and everyone has a hectic life and people do not have time to spend with old friends who mean a lot. Everyone is so caught up with their own lives that the only time families or friends meet is on special occasions. Such gifts can definitely bring more happiness and joy to the celebrations by touching people’s hearts.

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Ocassional Gift


No specific date.
Eg: Wedding Gift, Birth of Babies, Thanksgiving etc.

Seasonal Gift


Given specific date.
Eg: Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation Ceremony etc

Commemorative Gift


Given on a definite date.
Eg: Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Teacher’s Day, Christmas etc