What is Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts are usually items that are given to staff, customer, client and other companies. It can be part of advertising your company and getting the word out or to remind them how thankful you are for their business.

These gifts can range from something like mug printed with their pictures and your company logo, up to something really large like A0 (33″x47″-2,000pcs/set) jigsaw puzzle framed up on a nice wooden frame. The cost and type of your gift will depend on both your company’s size and the recipient.

The answer to what are corporate gifts could be almost anything. It is important to give a gift that is at least peripherally related to your company and your customer, and make sure to include your company’s thanks and information with your gift.

Seasonal Gift


Between business or to commemorate job tenure.
Eg: Staff Birthday, Company Anniversary

Sale Promotion Gift


 To promote sales of
merchandise or products
Eg: New Product Launching, Trade Shows, Conferences

Marketing Gift


To promote company, corporate image, brand or event
Eg: Promotional & Advertising Gifts, Marketing Campaigns