Customised Non-woven Bags

Customised Non-woven Bags

Difference Between Woven & Non Woven Bags

What is the difference between woven and non woven bags? Woven bags, like the name suggests, are made from fabric produced through many threads woven together. Hence, it is called woven bags due to the technique used in creating the fabric for the bag. The threads meet in a criss-crossing motion to form a complete fabric.


Contrary to the woven bags, non woven bags are made of fabric-like material created through methods using chemical, mechanical, heat or solvent treatment. Non woven fabric can be recognised by the non-existent thread fibre. You can see that there are no visible lines to show individual threads.


Customised Printing for Both Types of Bags

No worries! Whichever type of bag you have, we at MyBulkPrint can offer customised printing for both. You only need to provide the materials as well as the design and we can do the rest for you.


Don’t have the materials? MyBulkPrint can provide non woven bags too. Head over to Non Woven Bag Printing to choose from two sizes, 13”x10” or 15”x15”.


Suitable for small and large events where you need to provide unique yet affordable gifts for the guests. Customisable to any size or colour, you’re sure to find the perfect design for your occasion.


Hurry and get your quotations today. Our sales representatives will get back to you soon so you can get to customising your own non woven bags.

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Non-Woven Bags; Perfect Promotional Gifts

13Choosing the right gift for large amount might be tricky, especially when you choose from big and well known company. You must know that choosing the right gift will give a big impact to your company and same goes to accidently giving “bad gifts”.

Non-woven bags with company logo or promotional message is a great idea for your promotional gifts.  Before ordering a large number, you probably should make several samples to choose the best design.  Cause sometimes, design might look nicer on the product compare to when you looks on a personal computer or printed paper.

If you think non-woven bags are not creative enough to represent your company, think again! Non-woven bag is a favorite item for shopper who loves to save the planet because this bag is substitute to the plastic bags.

Non-woven bags are also teenagers favorite. This is because the price is economical and it long lasting.  However, if you are targeting this group of people, you must make sure the design is up to date and suitable for their age.

non-woven-bagCustom is making non-woven bags with today! You can choose either Silkscreen or Full Color Heat Transfer (1-Sided / 2-Sided).

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