How to Design the Best Mug that She will Love Forever

How to Design the Best Mug that She will Love Forever

You can find a number of stores in Australia that sell mugs. There is one common thing about these mugs, they are static and you cannot change the design for them. With Printcious we offer you a unique idea to impress your girl. You can customise mugs for her with your own creativity and design. Make it a loveable gift item with a romantic picture of you both printed on it. You can even add some love message for her to make sure she knows how much you love her.

You can visit our online store at Printcious to create your own mug design for your girl. Visit our page in which you can find a number of mugs design that is customisable.

  1. Head over to Printcious and hover to Create/Mug


  2. Choose your preferred type of mug [Colour Mug / Magic Mug]


    For this case; we’re gonna choose colour mug.

  3. Online Design Tools in which you can upload any photo or text


    This is the online design tools in which you have the option to customise any photo, edit and add any text that you like.

  4. Upload your photo

    Upload your photo. You can upload them from your computer or even from Facebook or Instagram. You have the option to edit the photo and even resize it. For this photo, we had resized it by simply dragging the cursor and enlarged it to fill the dotted green line. Easy peasy.

  5. Add text


    Now, we’re going to add some text. You can reposition your text to anywhere you like. For this design, we have chosen freestyle script font. But worry not; you have the option to customise the font as well with our fabulous font selection.

  6. Review your design

Taraaaaa! Simple as that. You can review in whichever view you want. You can always customise it before checking out if you happen to have a serious case of OCD :p

Let her remember your first date with the photo of the table printed on the mug or the selfie you took at your first date printed on the mug. Let her feel the warmth of your love and your feelings towards her with some lovely photo and message printed just for her. Whenever she wants to go for a break she will miss you and cherish the moments you have spent together. These simple gifts from Printcious will be the means of remembrance for you both when you are apart.

We at Printcious will prepare your gifts with elegance and creativity and your girl cannot resist the gift you prepare with us. This is your chance to show your creativity and let your words speak what you feel for her. Let her coffee breaks be romantic and your bonding grows stronger day by day. Create the mug for her today or you can visit Printcious Australia page and customise your gift. She’s not in Australia but is in Turkey instead? That won’t be an issue for we also deliver our personalized photo gifts to various locations worldwide.