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6 sizes available: 75mm, 58mm, 44mm, 32mm, 28mm, 25mm



Looking forward to finding a printing place that provides a bulk printing order for your button badge in Malaysia? Even if you’re not based in Malaysia and have a company or are working for a company in some overseas location such as Turkey, you can still get our personalized photo gifts delivered there. Mybulkprint offers you an excellent printing quality service for your button badge as you can personalise it with your company’s logo. Perfect for marketing purposes.

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10 Reason Why Most People Choose Button Badge

Have you ever saw people wearing colorful and big sized button badge that is not matched with what they are wearing but still looks outstanding?  Well, that is obviously some way how branding is advertised.  Button badge is just a medium, the words that are printed on the badge is the main reason why they willing to wear this badge.



Not everything about button badge is just for promotional activity.  There are also people wear the badge to add accessories and looks trendy.

But Why Button Badge?

  1. Button Badge is fun!
  2. Button Badge is collectable
  3. Button Badge  can carry a message or make a statement
  4. Button Badge is walking, talking Billboards!
  5. You can add Button Badge at a hat, shirts, handbag, jacket, you name it..
  6. Button Badge helps you to promote businesses and campaigns
  7. Button Badge provides identification
  8. Button Badge is great as a gift away for birthdays and occasions
  9. Button Badge can make you think what are the message
  10. Button Badge can make you laugh with the cheerful design

Looking for personalised button badge for any reason’s and any occasion??
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