Photo Keychain is always being number one choices of any company as a promotional gift and souvenirs.  Keychain with company logo/photo is the best gift-away product to be distributed to their  customer, clients and to the staff in the organizations.


Photo Keychain has also often distributed in personal occasions such as birthday parties, wedding door gift, graduation party, etc. Personalised  Keychain is a practical and useful gift.

Keychain is well known as a gift that people love to buy for souvenirs for friends and family when travelling  to another place.  Normally this keychain will show the place that this person go travel.  But the best part of personalised keychain is you can simply upload your photo and print it on the keychain before give it to others.  To make it more unique, you can also add short and sweet message on the Keychain.

Keychain also can be called as an appreciation gift.  This is because the price of Keychain is not too expensive to compare with other gift in the market.  Personalised Keychain not just unique and because it’s personalized, it is more easy to get maximum customer satisfaction when receiving this gift.


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