Dear mom,
I love you so much that it almost hurt.

Mother is a child’s first love. For that reason, be it for a specific occasion like Mother’s Day, you may want to get her something extra SPECIAL and not just any ordinary gift. But, there are times in which you can’t help but gift your mother something that she may not particularly like. Yup; has that ever happened to you before? She might not say it verbally but if you notice that your gift makes an addition inside

Yup; has that ever happened to you before? She might not say it verbally but if you notice that your gift ended up inside her closet for such a long time; then you might have already gotten your answer.


So, in order for you to not suffer the same fate; we’ve rounded up a cool gift idea solutions for you to gift to your mother.

Without further ado, let’s read more to find out.


It is not a bad idea to find someone who can be with your mom while you are away in the daytime. Pets are adorable and you might be thinking some pets for your mother a gift for her. But, never gift her pets she dislikes. They need a lot of attention and care and your mom may not be free enough to do all this.


Your mom loves spending time in the kitchen and decorating your house. It does not mean you can gift her cleaning supplies. This does not make a good gift item. Cleaning supplies are regular shopping material and will not be the gift that matches with the occasion. Mother’s day is the day of showing your love and appreciation for all the hard work she has been doing for you and your family. Be creative to show your love towards her on that day.


Unless your mother asks for this; sending her a diet program might give her a wrong impression.



Gifts are the means of showcasing your appreciation and saying thank you to the one you love. Make sure to avoid teenager’s gift items while you are looking gifts for your mother. At Printcious, you may find a fabulous gift selection for your mother catering to all DIY gifts that you can customise as per your needs. Find a unique present for mom on our website and gift it to her no matter where she or you may be. Even if she’s not in Singapore and is instead currently working in some overseas location such as Turkey, you can still send her a great personalized photo gift.

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