Living in the Middle East country and is interested to get a special gift for someone?
Are you feeling bored with the ordinary gifts that you can find in your local gift store?

If you are feeling this way…
Don’t you think your special someone deserves something as special as they are?

A gift needs to be noteworthy and memorable for its recipients. That’s the point of the whole gift-giving anyway. It is always a wise decision to plan ahead on what kind of gift you want to buy for your loved ones. And if this is your first time visiting the Middle East country or an expat traveling to one, you may notice that the gift-giving etiquette is different than the Western countries. Where gifts can be given freely, there are customs need to be taken into consideration when you are out to buy a gift. AND the most amazing thing is that they have to be creative for the recipients.

So, you want to have an unusual gift for your recipients? A gift with DIY touches makes a fine gift for everyone but you can be a little bit creative by adding your own customisation and personalisation to it.

Design the gift

If you can design the gift yourself, it will instantly be a DIY gift! If you have a decorative flair in your bones, surely designing your own gift will be an easy peasy task for you. You can decorate the gift the way you want it to be with lots of customisation and how it is going to look. And you can do this in the comfort of your home. A gift with a homemade feel to it; some of the gift ideas include handicraft chocolate bouquet, DIY card wishes, photo printed mug and many more.

Print their photo

Photos are one of the great ways to store your fondest memories. Capturing your moments when it’s needed; photo gifts are certainly a unique gift for everyone especially if you want to present something to your loved ones. The thing about printing a photo on the gift is that it will make your gift stands out the most than the rest of other gifts that you can find in the shopping malls or other gift stores. Fit for any occasions and any purposes, that is why photo printed gift has started to garner attention from people around the world.

Add your own message

Instead of buying a greeting card to write your wishes, why not print your wishes on the gift itself? Yes, it’s possible! When you can save hours from writing and if you have really bad handwriting, might as well add your own message to it.

There you go, that’s our top pick for a fun-loving idea about creative gifts for your loved ones in the Middle East. Place your order today and let our creative gift reaches you wherever you are in Kuwait, Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Eygpt. If you happen to live in New Zealand and wants to send a gift to your friends in the Middle East; we are going to ensure that your gifts are delivered in safe and sound.