How to Design the Best Mug that She will Love Forever

How to Design the Best Mug that She will Love Forever

You can find a number of stores in Australia that sell mugs. There is one common thing about these mugs, they are static and you cannot change the design for them. With Printcious we offer you a unique idea to impress your girl. You can customise mugs for her with your own creativity and design. Make it a loveable gift item with a romantic picture of you both printed on it. You can even add some love message for her to make sure she knows how much you love her.

You can visit our online store at Printcious to create your own mug design for your girl. Visit our page in which you can find a number of mugs design that is customisable.

  1. Head over to Printcious and hover to Create/Mug


  2. Choose your preferred type of mug [Colour Mug / Magic Mug]


    For this case; we’re gonna choose colour mug.

  3. Online Design Tools in which you can upload any photo or text


    This is the online design tools in which you have the option to customise any photo, edit and add any text that you like.

  4. Upload your photo

    Upload your photo. You can upload them from your computer or even from Facebook or Instagram. You have the option to edit the photo and even resize it. For this photo, we had resized it by simply dragging the cursor and enlarged it to fill the dotted green line. Easy peasy.

  5. Add text


    Now, we’re going to add some text. You can reposition your text to anywhere you like. For this design, we have chosen freestyle script font. But worry not; you have the option to customise the font as well with our fabulous font selection.

  6. Review your design

Taraaaaa! Simple as that. You can review in whichever view you want. You can always customise it before checking out if you happen to have a serious case of OCD :p

Let her remember your first date with the photo of the table printed on the mug or the selfie you took at your first date printed on the mug. Let her feel the warmth of your love and your feelings towards her with some lovely photo and message printed just for her. Whenever she wants to go for a break she will miss you and cherish the moments you have spent together. These simple gifts from Printcious will be the means of remembrance for you both when you are apart.

We at Printcious will prepare your gifts with elegance and creativity and your girl cannot resist the gift you prepare with us. This is your chance to show your creativity and let your words speak what you feel for her. Let her coffee breaks be romantic and your bonding grows stronger day by day. Create the mug for her today or you can visit Printcious Australia page and customise your gift. She’s not in Australia but is in Turkey instead? That won’t be an issue for we also deliver our personalized photo gifts to various locations worldwide.

Merdeka Day Promotional Corporate Gifts

58th Merdeka day coming soon. This day is also known as Hari Merdeka in the Malay language and that is why the celebration of Independence Day is incomplete without the seven shouts of “MERDEKA!”. This gesture was initiated by the First Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tunku Abdul Rahman back in 1957 at Dataran Merdeka. It’s a very special day for Malaysian and of course the most important is HOLIDAY! 

Finding the right corporate gifts is always a challenging task”

There will be a lot of events, concerts, street-outing and gatherings happening on the 31st of August. Finding the right corporate gifts for a particular occasion is always a challenging task. The corporate world is full of stories where good products could not make a mark due to improper promotion. The promotion of brand is so crucial that it has lead to evolution of a set of promotional companies which specialize at promoting brands.

white mug printing
White Mug Printing order from a corporate company in year 2014 at My Bulk Print Sdn Bhd.

“Promotional corporate gifts and corporate logo gifts are excellent picks”

Promotional corporate gifts and corporate logo gifts are excellent picks that fall under a large range of groupings. Gifts to this nature superbly promote the company and concurrently show appreciation in conjunction with Merdeka Day.

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Photo Mug for Surprise Gift Giving Activity


Have you ever facing situations in the office where there was a random gift giving activity? What does it mean?

Well, it means you and your colleagues exchange gifts, But first, you need to draw a number (same goes to other). Whoever received the same number with you will receive your gifts. Sounds interesting right?

However, there is one problem. You need to decide what gift suitable for this event. Because you won’t know who will receive it. You need to make a right choice to ensure whoever received the gifts from you will love it and appreciated it.

Our suggestion will be photo mug! Why photo mug?

This is because there’s nothing like a coffee cup with a nice picture or design on it as is special and suitable for everyone. Let us share this simple steps that will help you to make photo mugs for gifts or for yourself.

1. Select mugs. Choose type, colours and the size of the mug

2. Find your design. In order to transfer an image onto photo mugs, you’ll need a right-sized photo that you can print out. Sift through available pictures and find the ones that will help you fashion the best mugs and of course “meaningful”

3. Print photos on special paper. A specialized paper product allows for image transfer onto hard surfaces. Those who are experienced with these materials call them “transfer paper” or “decal paper.”

4. Fix the image to the mug surface. Often, this includes applying moisture to the decal paper. The paper that you buy should have specific instructions on how to transfer the image from the paper to the surface of the photo mugs.

5. Seal the image. One of the last steps for getting these gifts ready to go is to seal the image onto the mug so that it will not wash off during cleaning. Two popular methods involve either heating the mug to seal the image or using a clear resin to coat the mug and seal in the picture. Either way, you should have a mug that will stand the test of time.

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Require a colour mug with a large quantity as a giveaway for your event in Malaysia? Order a custom colour mug with us today with excellent quality printing and fast delivery service. Not only in Malaysia, but we also supply colour mug to Singapore as well as ship our personalized photo gifts to various overseas locations which include the middle eastern countries such as Turkey.

Travel Mugs; A Perfect Mug for Traveler

Are you loves to travel? Do you love coffee? Would you love to get it both? Using Travel Mug, you can drink your favorite coffee during on board.


What are travel mugs?

Travel mugs was introduced first in 1980s.  The purposes of travel mug to transport cold or hot beverage from location A to location B. Using travel mug is more secure comparing to normal mugs because it’s having an opening on top of the cover through. This will help people to keep on consume the beverage inside mugs during transportation without worrying about spillage.

Usually for this type of mugs, they will be a stainless steel as the inner wall while stainless steel, plastic or even embed with other materials can be used on the outer wall.

30Why Travel Mug?

  • Insulated, keeping beverages hot and hands comfortable
  • Double-insulated travel mugs offer better performance
  • Stainless steel travel mugs are easier to clean
  • Keep beverages hot for a longer period of time
  • Made to fit easily within vehicle cup holders
  • Perfect for Competitive sports, Fitness, Climbing, Hiking, Boating, Skiing/Snowboarding etc

For their lightest and unbreakable characteristics, the polymer mugs are more suitable for outdoors and now it becomes a new popular choice of touring, cars, corporate gifts, and brand promotion.

Another special characteristics about this mug is the handle of a mug.  It’s keeps the holder hand safe from the hot beverage inside the mug.

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Additional Business Ideas for Event Planner

The event planner is a person who creates magic, pulls answers out of a hat, and performs a flawless event. There are many services an event planner can provide to their client. Not only is it important to meet the client’s expectations, but exceeding their expectations will enhance your referrals to help you find your next client.  In this article, we want to propose ideas that event planner can add to their service for their clients.

T Shirt Printing:

Personalised T-shirts are in demand party favors today. They are the perfect choice as gifts because they can be used every day and affordable. As an event planner, you can design them according to your client theme.  The cost for T-shirt printing are also really affordable.<< CLICK HERE>>


Button Badge:

Button badge is also a very popular gift product for special occasions. You can suggest your client print button badge for everyone who’s attending their event.  You can suggest your client use the design that follows the theme of the event.<< CLICK HERE>>


Mug Printing:

One of the unique personalised gift ideas for an event is coffee mugs.  As this is the most popular gift for any event, as an event planner, you should know where to find the most quality and affordable price of personalised mugs. This does not just increase the satisfaction of your client towards your service, but it also increases your profitability.<< CLICK HERE>>


Knowing which type of service the client is seeking will help define the type of program to sell her. Each client is unique and customised product is needed to fit their needs. Looking for an affordable DIY corporate gift?  Contact mybulkprint today and we will send you our best price!!

Living in Singapore and looking forward to having a corporate gift as a promotional tool for your event as well? Well, consider our custom mousepad in bulk to do the job for you. Even if you’re living or working in some overseas location such as Turkey, you’re still able to get our personalized photo gifts delivered there as we ship internationally too.

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Printed Photo Mugs on Your Wedding Days

Everything in the world today requires expression. Same goes during your special day, which is your wedding day.  Everything need perfections including things your guest received on the wedding day.  We proposed personalised photo mug!!


Why photo mugs? Does it relevant to the wedding?? We know this is the question play in your mind now.  So, hereby the reasons why we want you to consider personalised photo mugs as a gift on your wedding day!

  1. 15A way to express your feeling:  The beauty of personalised gift item is you always can do whatever you love with it.  Pick your favorite color, picture and what message you want to put on the mugs.  Simple but meaningful
  2. Way to value your guest: It”s your wedding day! And they spend their valuable time to come to your wedding.  For that reason, you should thank them by giving them a gift that they can use it.
    Print your pre-weds photo with a simple note such as “Thank You” will be more than perfect.
  3. A way to simplify the W-day: Photo mugs are easy to store and place either before and after the wedding.  You can place the mug into a specific box before giving it to the guest.  Make sure you have a space to locate these mugs on your wedding day.  You can place them at the entrance so once the guest comes in, they can immediately get the gift.

Now you know why you need to have personalised photo mugs on your wedding day! Looking for an affordable printed photo mugs for your special event?

If you are from Singapore or even Turkey, we also cater the best photo mug printing for your event as our personalized photo gifts can be delivered to various overseas locations. What are you waiting for? Contact us today and don’t wait too long.

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