MyBulk Participated In A Blood Donation Campaign






Our Boss, Vincent Tong also one of the heroes! We feel proud and salute to him !


What if there is an easy way to help people and also give boost to your own health?

There are 3 big reasons to donate blood:

  • Save people life
  • Remove excess iron
  • Get a health screening

In 18th of October, MyBulk actively participated in a blood donation campaign that organised by Ler See Foundation (Ban Lee Hin Group of Companies) at Wei Ling Temple.

Whether you are the one who need someone’s blood, or you’re just a giving person, we want all the blood donors to know how much they’re appreciated. All the blood donors are heroes beyond measure. They spent their own time and put the effort to save the lives of anonymous people; people that they not even know except they have the same blood type.

We, MyBulk has no adequate words to express our gratitude to the blood donors, so a simple “button badge” with thank you from deep of our heart will have to do.

In 2014, MyBulk will maintain our sponsorship and continue to expand our CSR program!

Sponsored Button Badge for Blood Donation Campaign of Lions Club of Sungai Buloh



Sg Buloh Combine Photo 2

Sg Buloh Combine Photo

PrintEveryone can make a world of difference to someone in somewhere with a simple and short procedure. Blood donation is the simplest way that you can do any time and be sure that you have helped someone with this little procedure.

A number of blood donors gathered at SJK (C) Sungai Buloh to donate blood on 12th October 2014 that organized by Lions Club of Sungai Buloh District 308-B2 Malaysia.

We, MyBulk also involved in this blood donation campaign. In order to support this meaningful event, we have sponsored and custom made a button badge for all the blood donors, nurses, doctors, helpers and also blood donor’s families. To make this event more memorable, we took their photo and printed on the button badge and give them instantly. This personalized photo button badge is the motivating materials and act to sensitize the community and make them feel that they had contributed to the society after they donate their blood.

Last but not least, thank you Lions Club of Sungai Buloh for giving us this opportunity to contribute to the society and all the support from everyone out there.  See you all soon!

Fridge Magnet Collection Can Become a Hobby

Have you ever seen someone’s refrigerator that doesn’t look like one? More like an advertisement board or something like that. People tend to collect fridge magnets without even realizing it.


You get promotional fridge magnets from a campaign, exhibition or free gift and they stick right to your refrigerator. That is the reason what get you started with the collection. Good marketers know that most people don’t throw away fridge magnets because they could come in handy to hold up the bills, appointment card, your kid’s creative artwork or special note that requires your attention.


Research shows that refrigerator is the most visited place in a household. That is the reason that you hang reminders on the refrigerator that you know you would forget otherwise. Companies and businesses use fridge magnets for marketing and promotion by leaving their company name and contact number with design that comes in various shape that caught your
eye. You would know where to find them when you need their service.

Once you have a few promotional fridge magnets up, you then decide that the fridge looks cluttered with all of those advertisements. Then you start to look for fun and pretty refrigerator magnets to adorn the fridges with and offset the billboard look. Now your collections have become a habit, or even an obsession. You look for fun fridge adornments everywhere you go. You can find them at the grocery store or the dollar store. Some gas station quickie marts have pretty fridge magnets you can buy, too.

Even if you’re not fridge magnet obsessed, chances are you have more than a couple on your refrigerator right now. Where did they come from? Do they have any special meaning to you or are they promotional fridge magnets with telephone numbers on them that you don’t want to lose? You can make use of refrigerator magnets, too. They are easy and inexpensive to order. Send out pretty fridge magnets to promote your business or to announce a new baby. You can bet they will end up adorning many fridges.

My Bulk Print Sdn Bhd, the leading manufacturer and supplier of corporate promotional gifts in Malaysia offers fridge magnet full color printing that can be customised to any sizes or shapes to your liking at reasonable price, good quality and fast delivery.

What Can You Do With Personalised Button Badge?

Button Badge is one of the most popular item in gifts industry because it’s cheaper than others, easy to distributed and flexible for any occasions.

In this article, we will share 3 reasons why people loves to choose button badges

Button Badges as a Money Maker:
There are millions of quotes you may find from the internet. There are quotes for life, business, loves, friendships and many more. This is because, most people nowadays loves to make this quote as their decorations

Do you have an idea for a clever saying? Why not print it on a button badge, and sell it for profits. Do you know, you can get gross profit for 498% from one button badge? As long as the design is great, many will buy from you.

Button Badges as Part of Your Marketing Campaign:
You can always use button badges for your company marketing activity. The picture below is an example of how we use button badge as a medium to promote our business.

In “One Drop One Hope” campaign, we use button badge as a free gift to all participants who involved in donating blood on this day. We make sure all recipients know that the badge is from us by print our company logo on the badge.

Button Badges for FUN
Are you planning to throwing a big party or do you still looking for souvenir on your wedding? Custom-make button badges is a unique souvenir which everybody will love it, keep it and remember it. You can either distributed the badges during wedding day or after the ceremony when you sending a thank you card to them 🙂


Wedding Favour ideas

  • Buttons with the bride and groom’s engagement photo
  • Buttons with the bride and groom photos as children
  • Bride Side/ Groom Side Buttons
  • Bachelorette/Bachelor Party Buttons


Party Favor Ideas

  • Photo Buttons of your guest of honour as a child or in an embarrassing pose
  • Photo Buttons with the events name or theme
  • Photo Badges with the name of the guest

The possibilities with button badge are limitless. Use your creativity and make fun with photo button badges. With, the more you order, the lesser you need to pay. Click button below NOW for full quotations! AND if you are looking for an excellent high quality button badge printing; you know where to look for us. Get your own button badge from us; of the main button badge suppliers in Malaysia.


Photo T-Shirt for Everyone

T-shirt is comfort-wear and suitable for many types of people  such as man, woman, teenagers and grandparents. This is why photo T-shirt is best customised item either for personal use or corporate gifts.

photo t-shirtHow do you want to attract attention and create an envy feeling from others? One way of doing that is by making family T-shirt. Yes, just print out your family photo onto the blank shirt.  You may also add beautiful words on the T-shirt.  However, you need to make sure that the size of every shirt is suitable for the person who will wear it.

How to find the best photo/design?

dtg2_webWell, it depends on what occasions.   If it’s for a birthday party, you can use birthday theme as a decoration,  and if it’s for a wedding, you can use more heart shape design.

If you want it for a corporate event, we advices you to add company logo only.  Too crowded design might fail to highlight the real message.

Where to find high quality photo T-shirt? provides best quality T-shirt with best price. What is the great thing of buying  photo T-shirt from us? Cause with, the more you buy, the more you saved.

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Customised Couple Photo Gifts for Wedding

School holiday is coming again. We know during school holiday, they will be thousands of wedding invitations you need to attend. This is the time when you need to think about wedding gifts

When attending a wedding, you don’t just come to eat and drink, but also to give your blessing to the groom and bride. However, the problem you will face due to this event is to find the ideal gifts for the newlyweds.

Yes, there are many gifts you can find in the market that is suitable for a wedding, however, during school holiday sometimes there will be more than 10 wedding invitations. The questions is, are you afford to buy everyone the same gifts? If you do, good for you. But if you have a budget issues, our proposal might help you big time.

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14  1615

What if you are the groom or the bride.  Don’t you want to keep the memory of your wedding day in a beautiful and unique way? For you lovely couple, the wedding package from is the best for you.

Wedding Gift Leaflet

This package will include personalised wedding photo gifts (from your wedding or pre-wed) such as photo t-shirts, photo mugs, photo ceramic plate with stand and many more.  There will be special added value to give it to you for FREE.

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Wedding Gift Leaflet

Photo Mug for Surprise Gift Giving Activity


Have you ever facing situations in the office where there was a random gift giving activity? What does it mean?

Well, it means you and your colleagues exchange gifts, But first, you need to draw a number (same goes to other). Whoever received the same number with you will receive your gifts. Sounds interesting right?

However, there is one problem. You need to decide what gift suitable for this event. Because you won’t know who will receive it. You need to make a right choice to ensure whoever received the gifts from you will love it and appreciated it.

Our suggestion will be photo mug! Why photo mug?

This is because there’s nothing like a coffee cup with a nice picture or design on it as is special and suitable for everyone. Let us share this simple steps that will help you to make photo mugs for gifts or for yourself.

1. Select mugs. Choose type, colours and the size of the mug

2. Find your design. In order to transfer an image onto photo mugs, you’ll need a right-sized photo that you can print out. Sift through available pictures and find the ones that will help you fashion the best mugs and of course “meaningful”

3. Print photos on special paper. A specialized paper product allows for image transfer onto hard surfaces. Those who are experienced with these materials call them “transfer paper” or “decal paper.”

4. Fix the image to the mug surface. Often, this includes applying moisture to the decal paper. The paper that you buy should have specific instructions on how to transfer the image from the paper to the surface of the photo mugs.

5. Seal the image. One of the last steps for getting these gifts ready to go is to seal the image onto the mug so that it will not wash off during cleaning. Two popular methods involve either heating the mug to seal the image or using a clear resin to coat the mug and seal in the picture. Either way, you should have a mug that will stand the test of time.

Looking for perfect photo mug with a very reasonable price? We have it here! Click here for more info

Require a colour mug with a large quantity as a giveaway for your event in Malaysia? Order a custom colour mug with us today with excellent quality printing and fast delivery service. Not only in Malaysia, but we also supply colour mug to Singapore as well.

Non-Woven Bags; Perfect Promotional Gifts

13Choosing the right gift for large amount might be tricky, especially when you choose from big and well known company. You must know that choosing the right gift will give a big impact to your company and same goes to accidently giving “bad gifts”.

Non-woven bags with company logo or promotional message is a great idea for your promotional gifts.  Before ordering a large number, you probably should make several samples to choose the best design.  Cause sometimes, design might look nicer on the product compare to when you looks on a personal computer or printed paper.

If you think non-woven bags are not creative enough to represent your company, think again! Non-woven bag is a favorite item for shopper who loves to save the planet because this bag is substitute to the plastic bags.

Non-woven bags are also teenagers favorite. This is because the price is economical and it long lasting.  However, if you are targeting this group of people, you must make sure the design is up to date and suitable for their age.

non-woven-bagCustom is making non-woven bags with today! You can choose either Silkscreen or Full Color Heat Transfer (1-Sided / 2-Sided).

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Photo Mug as A Sponsored Door Gifts to Total Annual Conference 2014

On 9th August 2014, Total Business Advisory Sdn Bhd. has organised an event called TAC (Total Annual Conference) plus the annual dinner. They have invited many of their clients including

TAC Total Annual Conference 2014For your information, Total Group of Companies (TOTAL) in Malaysia is the provider of accounting advisory services, audit, tax, business advisory services and financial advisory services. TOTAL’s approach is assisting and responding to client’s complex business challenges.

The purposed of the event is as a friendly, welcoming for all TOTAL clients and also in order to launch the new GST software called ATS (Audit Tracking System) to help merchants in dealing with taxation.

The TBA has invited YB Nurul Izzah Anwar (Member of Parliment for Lembah Pantai and the Vice President of KEADILAN) to launch the new ATS software in this historical ceremony. at TAC Total Annual Conference is also taking part in this event by sponsoring about 300 photo mugs as a door gift. As return, we had received a special sponsorship token from YB Nurul Izzah Anwar and Total Business Advisory Sdn. Bhd.

TAC Photo MugsPhoto mugs are a great corporate gift especially for an event that required formal attractions such as annual dinner, product launching etc. and are very honored to take part in this event and had an opportunity to contribute our classic white mugs.

Why Computer User Needs Mouse Pad?

personalised mouse padAre you hardcore computer user? In today’s world, we can say 80% of teenagers-adult using 60% of their day time in front of the computer. Some uses for education purpose, some using it for playing computer games, browsing the internet, finishing assignments and office work.

For this type of person, you must know other than keyboard and mouse, you also must have other accessories called mouse pad.

mouse pad
What is Mouse pad?

According to Wikipedia, a mouse pad (US) or mouse mat (UK) is a surface for placing and moving a computer mouse. A mouse pad enhances the usability of the mouse compared to using a mouse directly on a table by providing a surface to allow it to measure movement accurately and without jitter.

There are 4 reasons why mouse pad is really good for computer user:-

  1. Higher speed: try to move your mouse here and there without a mouse pad, you can feel the difference when the cursor is moving faster with mouse pad.
  2. More precision: the surface of mouse pad helps the cursor movement to be more precise.
  3. Comfort for the user: some mouse pad has a resting arm. It’s helped to relax the user arm, although using the computer for hours.
  4. Mouse pad helps to keep the surface of the table or desk damage from being scratched by continuous hand and mouse rubbing motion.

photo mouse padPersonalised Mouse pad

As we mention above, the mouse pad is the perfect computer accessory. The mouse pad is also a perfect corporate gift for your staff, customer, clients etc. Whether you are looking for a holiday gift to give your clients, or a thank-you gift to loyal customers, a personalised mouse pad makes the perfect addition to their office.

Customised your mouse pad today with

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